Transcoding as Cultural and Social Practice

Joint Courses RUB & FUB

Winter semester 2016

  • Culture and Multiculturalism in Korea - Eun-Jeung Lee

  • Woman in Asia - Chang Pilhwa

Summer semester 2016

  • Uigwe as a primary source for Korean Studies - Florian Poelking

Winter semester 2015

  • Theories and Discourses in Korean Studies - Eun-Jeung Lee

Summer semester 2015

  • Modern Korean Culture -  Eunju Bährisch

  • History of Law in Korea - Pierre Emmanuel Roux

  • Socio-politically relevant aspects of modern Korea. A discourse analytical approach - Florian Pölking

Winter semester 2014

  • Theories and Research Method for Korean Studies - Hannes Mosler

  • Modern Korean Culture -  Eunju Bährisch

Winter semester 2012

  • Medialisierung der Öffentlichkeit und ihre Folgen in Südkorea -  Klemens Schwitzer

Summer semester 2012

  • Conflict, scandal and power -  Klemens Schwitzer

  • News report and opinion formation in the South Korean Media -  Klemens Schwitzer 

Summer semester 2010

  • Sozialer und Intellektueller Wandel in der Kaehwagi (Social and Intellectual Change during the Kaehwagi-Period) - Marion Eggert, 03. - 04.07.2010.

Winter semester 2009

  • Soziale Bewegung und Internet (Social Movement and Internet) - 26. - 28.02.2010 

A further result of the FUB/RUB teaching cooperation is the fact that the KS Bochum institute is scheduled to adapt its Korean language teaching method to the TOPIK-oriented method employed by the IKS Berlin. This will enable even greater student mobility between both institutes.