Transcoding as Cultural and Social Practice

Project related Courses at RUB

Summer semester 2017

  • ‘Bad’ Wives: The Views of Korean Male Writers in the 1930s - Professor YI Sangjin (Korea National Open University), 18.04.2017

  • Rites and Rights, Reverence and Rexourse: Revisiting Confucian Legacy in Modern Korean Law - Professor KIM Marie Seong-Hak (St. Cloud State University), 23.05.2017

  • Becoming the Chosen: North Korean Refugee-Migrants as First Unifiers - JUNG Jin-Heon (FU Berlin), 13.16.2017

  • New Voice of the Korean Poetry: Impulses of Departure und the Hurdles of Modernity. Conversations with Korean Poets - Park Sangsoon, Lee Sumyeong, Moon Hyejin, 22.06.2017

  • An Overview of the Literary Chinese Cosmopolis - XIN Wei (University of Oxford), 27.06.2017

  • LIM Jongtae (Seoul National University), 11.07.2017

  • Approaching Korean Culture through Music - Dr. Gyewon BYEON

Winter semester 2016

  • Fractal Liminal: Reconciling Korea’s Division across Scales of Time, Space, and Experience - Professor Nan KIM (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee), 09.11.2016

  • Über mein Schreiben – 나의 문학을 말하다: Der linke Fuß der Taube und die linke Hand der Linkshänderin – 비둘기의 윈발과 인손잡이 여인의 윈손 - Kim Sum (Yisang literature award winner 2015), 29.11., 01.12.2016

  • Erinnerungen an Korea for fünfzig Jahren: Konfuzianischer Ahnenkult dokumentiert in Bildern – Memories of Korea of 50 Years Ago: Confucian Ancestral Cult documented in Photos - Professor Martina Deuchler (SOAS London), 20.12.2016

  • Jikchi – Das älteste mit beweglichen Metalllettern gedruckte Buch him Kontext asiatischer Buchdrucke vor Gutenberg - Dr. Soon-Chim JUNG, 24.01.2017

  • Remedial Online Course on Korean Studies - Hanju YANG, Stefanie Oppermann

  • Scholarly Literary Translation - Hanju YANG, Dennis Würthner

Summer semester 2016

  • Concept and Development of Intellectual Property in North Korea - Juergen Muehl, 23.05.2016

  • The Geopolitics of Vernacularity and Sinographs and the Making of Bilingual Dictionaries in Modern Korea. From Sinographic Cosmopolis to “Sinographic Mediapolis”. - Hwang Ho Duk (Sungkyunkwan University), 21.06.2016

  • Genealogy of the Way (Daotong) and Korean Confucianism - Vladimir Glomb (Prague), 12.07.2016

  • Translating and Translations in Korean Cultural History - Marion EGGERT

  • Nationalism of Language in the kaehwagi and the colonial period - Thorsten TRAULSEN

  • Hanmun: Exercises for Koreanists - Dennis WUERTHNER

  • Political Alignments and Their Understanding of History in South Korea - Myoungin YU (RU Bochum fellow)

  • Religion and Politics in modern Korea - Joerg PLASSEN (East Asian Religions, RU Bochum)

  • Transmissions of the strange: chŏn’gi in Korea - Dennis WUERTHNER

  • Perception of the World and Korea’s ‘international’ relations until the early 20th century - Marion EGGERT

Winter semester 2015

  • Diverging Memories: Memories of War and the Narration of Ambition in Kang No Chon (Biography of Caltiff Kang) - Cho Hyun Woo (Incheon National University), 17.11.2015 

  • Musical Achievements in the Era of King Sejong - Byeon Gyewon, 26.01.2016

  • Nationalism and Archaeology in Korea - Kim Jongil (Seoul National University), 09.02.2016

  • The Korean War as a Socio-Historical Caesura - Myoungin YU (RU Bochum fellow)

  • Social Movement in modern Korea - Thorsten TRAULSEN (RU Bochum fellow)

  • Korea in wars - Dennis WUERTHNER

  • Hanmun: Exercises for Koreanists - Dennis WUERTHNER

  • Anthologies in Korean Cultural History - Marion EGGERT

  • Chinese and Korean Theories on Language and Linguistic Diversity - Marion EGGERT and Heiner ROETZ (Sinology, RU Bochum)

Summer semester 2015

  • History of Law in Korea - Pierre-Emmanuel Roux

Winter semester 2014

  • Discourse analytical approach to sirhak - Florian Pölking

Summer semester 2013

  • Christianity Translated. Knowledge circulation and epistemic change through missionary enterprise - Marion Eggert, 06.2013

Winter semester 2012

  • Religion in Motion. Boundary Work in the Global Religious Field - Marion Eggert, 03.2013

Winter semester 2011

  • Social and Hermeneutic Constraints for and Related Strategies of Interreligious Reception and Adaption - Jörg Plassen, 12.2011

  • Migration and Religious Convergence - Marion Eggert, 01.2012

  • Space of Secrecy – Secret in Contact Perspectives from the East and the West - Andreas Müller-Lee, 01.2012

Summer semester 2011

  • Between Dialogue, Polemic and Apologetic: Modes of Ìnter-Religious Contact in Pre-Modern Korea Seen in the Regional Context of Far East Asia - Jörg Plassen, 04.2011

  • Between Borrowing and Taking Over. The Problem of “Sinification” and its Implications for a Theory of Religious Contact - Jörg Plassen, 08.2011

Winter semester 2010

  • The Military in Chinese History (Introduction of research content and discussion with researchers from German Sinology and Korean Studies) - Felix Siegmund, 02.2011

Winter semester 2009

  • Reconfigurations of the religious field: Secularization, re-sacralization and related processes in historical and intercultural perspective (Introduction of Research Topics into wider academia, Networking between scholars from Korea, Taiwan, Japan, France, England, Germany, USA, Israel) - Marion Eggert, 12.2009

Summer semester 2009

  • Epistemic Change in Late Chosŏn as Context for Western Learning (Introduction of Research Topics into wider academia, Networking between scholars from Korea, USA, Norway, and Germany) - Marion Eggert and Andreas Müller-Lee, 08.2009