Transcoding as Cultural and Social Practice


Opening Conference “Switching Codes in Korean Culture”

- With the project “Transcoding as Cultural and Social Practice”, Freie Universität Berlin and Ruhr-Universität Bochum have both widened and narrowed our focus of attention. The project now wishes to take a closer look at the shifts of meaning that are invariably the result of all adaptations – and to some extent even of all transmissions – of cultural, social and intellectual knowledge. The project speaks of the processes that set these shifts of meaning in motion as “transcoding” since the term points to the change of "codes" (i.e. rules of signification) which is part of every transposition of knowledge contents from one context to another. In the context of this endeavour, we plan to conduct a workshop on the theme of codes and code-switching in Korean culture from a diachronic and interdisciplinary perspective.

  • 16. - 18.06.2016, RU Bochum

Joint Graduate Colloquium between FU Berlin and RU Bochum 

  • 12.2009, FU Berlin

  • 17. - 18.04.2010, RU Bochum

  • 04.11.2011, FU Berlin

  • 10.11.2012, RU Bochum

  • Ancient Korea, Political Discussion in Modern Korea, Culture and Literature in Modern Korea, 31.01. - 01.02.2014, FU Berlin

  • Dealing with the pre-modern Korean Society I, 20.12.2014, RU Bochum

  • Dealing with the pre-modern Korean Society II, 24.06.2015, FU Berlin

  • Korean Studies in Classical and Modern Period, 13. - 14.02.2015, RU Bochum

  • Korean Studies in Classical and Modern Period, 31.10.2015, RU Bochum

  • Korean Studies in Classical and Modern Period, 08. - 09.04.2016, FU Berlin

  • Korean Studies in Classical and Modern Period, 21.10.2015, RU Bochum

  • Korean Studies in Classical and Modern Period, 31.03. - 01.04.2017, FU Berlin

Lecturer Exchange between FU Berlin and RU Bochum 

  • ‘Women and Workplace in Korea’ - Eunju Bährisch, Summer Semester 2015, RU Bochum

  • ‘The Constitutional History of Korea and Socio-Economic Rights (1948-1987) - Hak-Jae Kim,  Summer Semester 2015, RU Bochum

  • ‘History of Korean Law’ - Pierre Roux, Summer Semester 2015, FU Berlin

  • Democracy and prosecution in South Korea - Hannes Mosler (FU Berlin), 28.01.2016, RU Bochum

  • Science Fiction in modern Korean literature - Dennis Wuerthner (RU Bochum), 03.02.2016, FU Berlin

  • History of han’gŭl and Hunmin chŏngŭm - Thorsten Traulsen (RU Bochum), 30.06.2016, FU Berlin

  • Insights into sirhak - Florian Poelking (RU Bochum), FU Berlin

  • The History of North Korea - Eric Ballbach (FU Berlin), RU Bochum

  • Study of Classical Korean Texts - Thorsten Traulsen (RU Bochum), FU Berlin

  • Gender Relations in Korea’s Past and Present - Hye Young Kim (FU Berlin), RU Bochum

  • Gender Relations in Korea’s Past and Present - Hyun Gyung Kim (FU Berlin), RU Bochum

PBBP-KoreaNet Summer Schools in Korea

  • Excursion and workshop “studying in Korea”, 19. - 25.08.2015, Seoul, Andong, DMZ

  • Unification in Korea / Understanding Korean Past and Present, 19. - 26.08.2016, Songgwangsa/Sunch‘ŏn, the Institute for Unification Education

  • 16. - 23.08.2017

PBBP-KoreaNet Joint Doctoral Candidates’ Workshop

  • Research in Korean Studies, 22.10.2016

Invited Talks “East Asian Studies Mittagsforum (midday forum)”

  • Coffee Service: How it has Changed Women’s lives in Korea - Eunju Baehrisch (FU Berlin), 05.11.2014

  • Catholicism and Sino-Korean relations (17th-19th centuries) - Pierre-Emmanuel Roux (RU Bochum), 12.11.2014

  • The North Korean History of Philosophy: Materials and Methodology - Vladimir Glomb (Prague), 03.12.2014

  • Stonewars in East Asia - Felix Siegmund (RU Bochum), 25.11.2015

  • Phenomenological We: Korean We in Phenomenology - Kim Hye Young (FU Berlin), 11.05.2016

  • The Pathos of Modern Korean Studies: Victim Mentality, Colonial Modernity, Synthesis - Bae Suchan (RU Bochum), 15.06.2016

Uses of Culture in contemporary Korean Society

  • International workshop; Presentation of Research Results by Project Members, 06.2014, RU Bochum

North Korean Society and Culture

  • International workshop; Integration of research topics and modes from IKS, FU Berlin, 06.2012, RU Bochum


  • The Fourth Korean Studies Workshop for German Speaking Countries (“Korea-Foundation-Workshop: Koreastudien im deutschsprachigen Raum”), 11.2011, RU Bochum

EPEL workshop

- The EPEL workshop has the double effect of enriching teaching for students and offering European colleagues the possibility of getting together.

  • Korean Democracy and its Challenges - Youngmi KIM (Central European Univ., Budapest), YOOK Youngsoo (Chung-Ang Univ., Seoul), Marie-Orange RIVÉ-LASAN (Sciences Po, Paris), Remco BREUKER (Universiteit Leiden) and Antti LEPPÄNEN (Univ. of Helsinki), 24. - 25.06.2010, RU Bochum