Transcoding as Cultural and Social Practice


Here you can find the RUB project members' various CKDT subprojects. Just click on one of the links to your left to learn more about the individual projects.

The Ruhr-University Bochum project research team has constructed three comprehensive pillars of research themes: the first pillar emphasizes the circulation of knowledge and the dynamics of transformation within the sphere of religion and thought, the second pillar’s focal point lies on the circulation of knowledge and the dynamics of transformation in the framework of language, literature and culture and the third pillar mainly centers the circulation of knowledge and the dynamics of transformation concerning artifacts and technical knowledge. These are respectively being dealt with under the three research sections constructed for each individual pillar. Within the realm of the three sections we have initiated the following subprojects:

Section I: Religion and Thought

  • Intellectuals In-Between: Transformations of the Conceptual World in kaehwagi. The example of Pak Ŭnsik (Prof. Dr. Marion Eggert)
  • Encyclopedic Unity: Knowledge and epistemology in Ch'oe Han'gi's (1803-1877) philosophy (Prof. Dr. Marion Eggert)
  • Dissemination of “Western Knowledge” in 18th century Korea (Prof. Dr. Marion Eggert)
  • Silla Buddhism and the formation of Chinese Huayan thought (Prof. Dr. Joerg Plassen)
  • Relation between Korean Hwaǒm and East Asian Esoteric Buddhism (Prof. Dr. Jörg Plassen)
  • The Korean ki-philosophy according to philosopher Kim Yong-ok (Jinyoung Park)

Section II: Language, Literature and Culture

  • The Production of a Literary Heritage in Colonial Korea (YU Myoungin)
  • The pragmatic dimensions of ŏnhae texts: knowledge and diglossic media in Chosŏn dynasty (Thorsten Traulsen)
  • The dynamics of literary transformations: The Jiandeng Xinhua and the Kŭmo sinhwa. (Dennis Wuerthner)
  • Transformations in the literary representation of the Dragon King and his dwelling in Korean literature from the Chosŏn-period (Dennis Wuerthner)
  • On the Circulation & Transformation of Literature during the Chosŏn era & Modern times (Dennis Würthner)
  • Literary technique, structure and language devices in short narrative texts of authors influenced through existentialist Literature in the Republic of Korea in the 1950s (Samuel Melzner)

Section III: Artifacts and Technical Knowledge

  • Structure and categorizations in encyclopedic works of the 18th century (Andreas Mueller-Lee)
  • Tubers Come to Korea – Introduction of the Sweet Potato and the White Potato (Felix Siegmund)
  • Military knowledge in East Asia in the 17th and 18th century (Felix Siegmund)
  • On the Circulation of Military Knowledge in Pre-modern Korea (Felix Siegmund)
  • The Significance of Scientific and Technical Knowledge in Late Chosǒn Dynasty (Florian Pölking)

Subprojects by M.A.-students at RUB